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Business Productivity Tools

KnowledgeWoods works closely with companies across major industry verticals to help them understand how to leverage Microsoft/Oracle Technologies for maximizing the overall efficiency and productivity of the business.

Our team of Microsoft® Certified and skilled Experts help you Gain Knowledge about the Best Practices in using the following Business Productivity Tools:

  • Microsoft® Project
  • Oracle® Primavera
  • Microsoft® Project Server
  • Microsoft® SharePoint 2013
  • Microsoft® Dynamics CRM 2011
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2012
  • Microsoft® Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint

KnowledgeWoods provides end-to-end support in Selecting, Deploying, and Managing an enterprise wide solution based on the above-mentioned Microsoft®/Oracle® Technologies.

Depending on your requirements, we enable participants to prepare well for the relevant Microsoft® Certifications or undergo a Customized Learning & Development Program which is in line with your business requirements.

What’s more?

To address your unique business needs, KnowledgeWoods Consulting offers you diverse delivery modes for training programs like Live Learning or a Blended Model.

How Can We Help?

  • Train - Role based Training to Enhance Competency and/or Prepare Project Staff for the Globally Recognized Certification
  • Consult - Configure Microsoft® Solutions as per Clients’ Business Requirements
  • Support – Provide Dedicated Resources on-site/offshore to Manage/Operate Configured System

Corporate/Customized Training:

Need to organize In-house / On-site Training Programs leading to Certification and/or Competency Development - Write to us at:


    The majority of professionals across industry verticals are seeking Global Certifications to get a formal recognition of their learning/skills across Business Productivity Tools like:

    • Microsoft® Word
    • Microsoft® Excel
    • Microsoft® PowerPoint
    • Microsoft® Project
    • Oracle® Primavera

    CompetencyCompetency Development

    Role-based Competency Development Programs help you leverage Best Practices for varied stakeholders like:

    • Sales Staff
    • Marketing Staff
    • Accounts Staff
    • Administrators
    • Technical Team Lead
    • IT Consultants
    • Project Managers
    • Business Analysts
    • Software Architects
    • Project Managers
    • Delivery Managers
    • Office Administrators

    Customized TrainingCustomized Training

    Mapping Best Practices in Deploying and Maintaining Microsoft® Project Server/Oracle Primavera to address unique challenges across Industry Verticals like:

    • Information Technology
    • Construction
    • Defense
    • Government
    • Telecom
    • Oil and Gas
    • Banking and Financial Services Industry
    • Energy
    • Power Distribution