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Customized Training

KnowledgeWoods Consulting specializes in developing Role-based and Industry Scenario based Customized Training Program across the following domains:

  • Project Management | Program Management | Portfolio Management
  • Quality Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Business Analysis
  • People | Process | Tool Assessment Solutions
  • E-Learning Content Development


KnowledgeWoods Content Development Methodology

KnowledgeWoods Customized Content Development Methodology


Typical Engagement Approach to develop Customized Training Modules:

KnowledgeWoods work closely with the clients to understand their Business and Competition, Training specific information, Participants Profile and any particular constraint on location, no. of days etc.

Then a team of Domain expert, Subject Matter Expert & Content Design Specialist is formed to:

  • Identify Key Stakeholders at Organization
  • Interact with Key Stakeholders to define the dimensions for role based Project Manager Competencies
  • Identify/Prioritize the Competencies that are most likely to impact performance
  • Establish Learning Objectives
  • Develop Course Outline
  • Ensure Course Outline maps with identified Role-Based Competencies
  • Identify Appropriate Learning Activities to be incorporated in the course outline
  • Develop Course Content
  • RUN Trial Batch
  • Enhance the Course Contents to incorporate participant Feedback

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What's more? – To address your unique business needs, KnowledgeWoods possesses the competency to develop Customized Training Modules for all delivery modes like E-Learning and LIVE Learning – Instructor-Led Training Over the Internet.

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