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We know how important it is for the corporate groups to get their workforce perfectly trained!

What if all your training requirements get fulfilled right at your location?

'Fly-me-a-Trainer' is a training option available for the corporate clientele that reduce travel, boarding, and lodging expenses of participants to attend a training program. This premium training service is available with us globally for Corporate Customers.

This offering can also be leveraged by training companies in the same domain who need Trainers at a short notice to deliver content for their clients.

Also,  To address your unique business needs, KnowledgeWoods offer you Trainers well versed in diverse delivery modes for training programs like "LIVE Learning" – Instructor-Led Training Over the Internet.

All you need is to reach out to us and we will provide you an expert trainer as per your requirements.

Our Trainers Panel comprise of rich industry experience along with expertise in conducting trainings for Project Management, Microsoft® Certifications, Quality Management, Customer Relationship Management, IT Service Management, and Business Analysis. These trainers are certified, hand-picked Industry Experts with over 16 Years & up to 30+ years of overall work experience.

Primary features of our 'Fly-me-a-Trainer' Service offering:

  • Experience of working with 500+ corporate clients
  • Saves time, money and travel expenses for corporate groups
  • Technical assistance provided beforehand
  • Value-based training methodology
  • A redefined approach to Instructor-Led training
  • At your place, your time - for you
  • Economical and purposeful at the same time

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