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Microsoft Certifications

Training based on Microsoft® Official Curriculum (MOC) & Certification helps organizations build/retain top performing teams that help in Development, Deployment and/or Support on Microsoft® Products.

Microsoft® -Trained/Certified employees are in demand as they bring the Most updated, Critical Skills and Best Practices Knowledge on Microsoft® Technologies.

No Wonder – Microsoft® Certified Staff are preferred over Non-Certified professionals as the certification serves as a Global Benchmark for their skills in their respective technologies.

As a leading Education Provider worldwide, KnowledgeWoods aims to make different stakeholders – Software Developers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Team Leaders/Members, Administrators & Senior Executives become Formally Trained/Certified and Leverage Best Practices at workplace.

How Can We Help:

  1. Prepare IT Staff for Globally Recognized Microsoft® Certifications
  2. Enhance Competency in line with Best Practices for Pre-Sales/Deployment/Support
  3. Design, Develop & Deliver Customized Training Program featuring Case Study specific to particular industry vertical/work scenario

Corporate/Customized Training:

Need to organize In-house / On-site Training Programs leading to Certification and/or Competency Development - Write to us at:


    As project management profession grows and its practitioners enjoy success, majority of IT Staff are seeking Global Certifications to get a formal recognition of their technical skills with the help of Microsoft® Certifications like:

    • Microsoft® Windows Server 2012
    • Microsoft® SQL Server 2012
    • Microsoft® Dynamics CRM
    • Microsoft® SharePoint Server 2013
    • Microsoft® Visual Studio
    • Microsoft® Dynamics AX 2012

    CompetencyCompetency Development

    Role-based Competency Development Programs help you leverage Best Practices in Pre-Sales/Deployment/Support for varied stakeholders like:

    • Administrators
    • Technical Team Lead
    • IT Consultants
    • Server Administrators
    • Project Managers
    • Business Analysts
    • Software Architects
    • Information System Manager
    • Project Managers
    • Delivery Managers

    Customized TrainingCustomized Training

    Mapping Best Practices in Deploying & Maintaining to address unique challenges across Industry Verticals like:

    • Information Technology
    • Construction
    • Defense
    • Government
    • Telecom
    • Oil and Gas
    • Banking and Financial Services Industry
    • Energy
    • Power Distribution