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We are glad to announce a Certified Six Sigma Green & Black Belt Program with an Internationally Recognized Certification by The Council of Six Sigma Certification & The International Association for Six Sigma Certification & American Society for Quality - USA.

With Six Sigma Certification Combo program, you will gain in-depth knowledge and critical skills in Lean Management, Six Sigma Green Belt, MINITAB PRO, and Six Sigma Black Belt. The course features end to end support on live project implementation in GB & BB, with MBB support and MINITAB Analysis. This program provides world class training modules and helps you grow your career as a Six Sigma Expert.


This course offers Six Sigma Certification Validation Tool for Employers

Your Six Sigma Certification Validation Tool can be used by employers, clients, and other stakeholders to validate the authenticity of your Six Sigma Certifications you have received. Using the programme code located on your certified CSSGB, CSSBB certification, one can see all your training and certification details online.