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Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Training: AZ-104

The Microsoft Azure Administrator certification (AZ-104) is intended for individuals who possess expert knowledge in implementing, managing, and monitoring an organization's Microsoft Azure environment, such as virtual networks, storage, compute resources, identity services, security policies and governance framework. This certification seeks to assess and validate the skills necessary for Azure administrators, with particular focus on their ability to deploy and manage Azure compute resources, automate deployment using Azure Resource Manager templates, configure virtual machines and provision and manage containers and App Services. The exam covers key skills related to managing identities and governance, implementing storage strategies, deploying and managing compute resources and virtual networking - among others.

As an Azure administrator, candidates are expected to demonstrate expertise in operating systems, networking, servers and virtualization as well as familiarity with PowerShell, Azure CLI, portal templates for Azure Resource Manager templates and Microsoft Entra ID. This certification equips individuals with the knowledge and abilities required for effectively overseeing an organization's Microsoft Azure environment; making them well-prepared to contribute towards the successful implementation and maintenance of Azure solutions.

    Key Features

    • 5 years experience in providing AZ-104 certification training. 98% success rate for first-time AZ-104 exam takers.
    • Best-in-class Microsoft AZ-104 training delivered by the best trainers.
    • We will assist you from the pre-training period until you get your certificate.
    • 24 hours of training.
    • We provide 5 mock tests with graphical reports to assess your preparation level.
    • Dedicated trainers to help you clear all your doubts. You can contact them anytime till you get your certificate.
    • Specially designed strategy to clear the AZ-104 certification exam on the first attempt according to your calibre.
    • Access to the online recorded session for studying, if you are unable to attend the class.
    • Comprehensive Participant Feedback Mechanism
    • Query Handling Facility over Email, Phone, WhatsApp, and Video Call.



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    Certification BenefitsAZ-104 Certificate Benefits!

    • An AZ-104 certification validates a professional's expertise in all aspects of Microsoft Azure administration, adding credibility and marketability within their field of work.

    • With the rapid adoption of cloud technologies, AZ-104-certified professionals are well suited to assume roles such as Azure administrator or developer; expanding their career opportunities and potential for advancement.

    • This certification validates an individual's expertise in managing Azure identities and governance, implementing and managing storage, deploying Azure compute resources, virtual networking implementation, and administration - providing employers and clients with tangible evidence of their skillset.

    • Earning an AZ-104 certificate represents a commitment to continuous learning and professional growth, leading to increased job satisfaction, greater responsibility, and possibly salary increments.


    How to Become CertifiedHow To Become a Certified Microsoft Azure Developer?

    • Meet Qualifying Criteria

    • Enrol in Formal AZ-104 Training

    • Prepare for the Certification Exam

    • Apply for AZ-104 Certification

    • Schedule and Attend the Exam

    • Pass the Exam

    • Commit to Continuous Professional Development


    What Can KnowledgeWoods Do For YouWhat We Can Do For You?

    • Assess Participant's Profile

    • Provide a Road Map for AZ-104 Certification

    • Share Details about Costs associated with the AZ-104 Exam

    • Provide Options to attend 2 days of training via Classroom

    • Query Handling Facility over Email

    • AZ-104 Exam Mock Tests

    • Dedicated Post Training Customer Support for training and exam booking