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Earn 60 PDUS - The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work

Retain Your Hard Earned PMP® Credential at KnowledgeWoods

You have consistently worked hard to Retain your PMP® Credential:

  • Met Qualifying Criteria for PMP® Exam
  • Undertook 35 Contact Hours Training
  • Applied for PMP® Certification Examination - Documented your Project Management Experience
  • Studied for PMP® Examination despite your hectic work schedule
  • And finally ... PASSED it successfully!

So, Why Miss PMP® Re-Certification Deadline to Acquire 60 PDUs and Risk your HARD EARNED PMP® Credential?

To support your commitment to continued professional development when it comes to project management, KnowledgeWoods - Knowlett Learning  is proud to announce convenient and affordable online courses  that allow you to acquire Sixty (60) PDUs quickly and retain your PMP® Credential.

KnowledgeWoods Retain PMP® Program Modules:

Module NameIntroductionCourse OutlineCost
Project Management - Being Agile & a Leader Agile is a methodology that enables the teams to provide quick responses to the feedback that they receive on their project and product.

The course covers:

  • Scrum
  • Extreme Programming (XP)
  • Lean
  • Kanban
  • Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)
  • Feature-Driven Development (FDD)
  • Crystal

Waiting never helps - Don't Let Your PMP® Certification expire when you have the option to Earn up to 60 PDUs in an absolutely convenient and cost effective way!

For further program details, please feel free to speak to our program coordinator at +0120 4570257 or write us at

Register Now and Get the Best Quote for 5/10/160 PDUs!

Payment Terms & Conditions

(Designed to Help You Succeed and Allow us to Function Optimally as an organization)

At KnowledgeWoods-Knowlett Learning - We are confident of our new line of Online Programs to help you Retain your Hard Earned PMP® Credential in the most convenient and cost effective way.

Dear Participant,

When you register online/by phone/in person/by email for KnowledgeWoods-Knowlett Learning Retain PMP® Certification Programs, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:-

Program Registration

Kindly Note that registration for a particular program cannot be considered guaranteed until & unless:

  • 1. Full payment of the Program Charges is made via Current Dated Cheque / Demand Draft / Online Transfer/ Credit Card within Two (2) Days of the Registration and in any case before the program start date.
  • 2. Has been explicitly acknowledged by Knowlett Learning LLP employee over Email.
  • Cheque should be made in favor of "Knowlett Learning LLP" payable at New Delhi. You also have an option to pay by credit card, debit card, cheque, or wire transfer via CCAvenues.
  • Kindly note, we do not have any association/partner companies in any other location apart from our Head office in Noida – and any financial transaction or otherwise has to be done with our Knowlett Learning LLP employee only.
  • In case, you have chosen to pay by Cheque – Your Access to Online Program would be confirmed only upon successful realization of the Cheque i.e. when your Cheque is cleared and we receive your funds in our account.
  • In the event a Cheque is returned for insufficient funds, we will allow Two (2) Business days for you to make full payment.

    An additional fee of INR 500/- will be charged for each returned Cheque.

  • The Program Charges cover the registration and access charges, and all other Program Deliverables for the Online Program.

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    Seeking details for:

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