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Email Marketing

With increase in Internet Availability worldwide, No. of people using E-Mail for personal and professional communications has grown to over 2.6 Billion.  

E-Mail Marketing allows Sales/Marketing Staff to Target Markets based on variety of parameters like Geography, Age, Marital Status, Occupation, Interest, Location etc. without investing a huge amount in traditional media like Print space, Television or Radio.

Leveraging E-Mail Marketing, you can:

  1. Drive Right Audience on your website
  2. Engage with Existing/Prospective Customers by creating awareness about your Product/Service Need
  3. Provide information to Existing/Prospective Customers by providing a direct channel
  4. Encourage Right Audience to install your app
  5. Promote/Increase Participation for your event
  6. Share Special Offer for your Product/Service and Get people to claim your offer
  7. Generate More Leads for Your Business using different creative types

As E-Mail usage across the worldwide is increasing with each passing day, Sales & Marketing Staff has been using E-Mail Marketing as a channel to Increase Awareness, Generate Lead and Do More Sales.

For an Effective E-Mail Marketing Campaign, you typically need to:

  1. Identify Value Proposition: What type of Content your Prospects and Customers are more likely to Click & Open Email
  2. Identify Action Item: What do you want your Prospects and Customers to do at the end of Email i.e. Subscribe to an offer, Click on a button that lead to the website or an App Install
  3. Design & Develop Creative that Works: Coming up with Right Subject Line that makes Customers & Prospect Open Email and then, Right Creative that engages them
  4. Ensuring Renderability: Proper Testing to make sure that Emails can be viewed across email clients like Outlook, Hotmail, Rediff, Yahoo and Gmail.
  5. Finalizing Your Audience to Personalize Campaigns: Segregating Lists and Running Personalized Campaigns based on individual preferences have a direct impact on Campaign Success
  6. Ensuring Deliverability: Running SPAM Scores to make sure Emails are delivered in INBOX not Junk Folders
  7. Schedule Campaign: Selecting Day/Time and Frequency of campaigns In line with Prospect/Customer Preferences has a direct impact on Campaign Effectiveness
  8. Select Email List: Depending upon Budget and other Key Objectives, select amongst Subscriber Lists, Rented Lists, Co-branded campaigns, Third-party Mailers etc.
  9. A/B Testing: Prepare at least 2 Creatives and run sample campaigns on fraction of the Email Lists to check which performs best and then roll out the campaign using that creative
  10. Measure Campaign: Monitoring Campaigns to gauge effectiveness and ensure ongoing Lists Maintenance, Dealing with Unsubscribe Rate & Complaints

Depending upon the Email Server you select and amount of money being spent in creating a good subscriber list, E-Mail Marketing can turn out to be an expensive proposition.

Therefore, it becomes important for every brand to look for Return on Investment (ROI) on E-Mail Marketing Campaigns.

As such, Familiarity with E-Mail Marketing Best Practices becomes an important Skill for Mid-Senior Level Digital Marketing Job as it helps them optimally manage/supervise their Campaigns.

Even at Entry Level (0-2 Year Experience), E-Mail Marketing is one of the most sought after skills where demand exceeds supply of Professionals who can take ownership of E-Mail Marketing Campaigns.

KnowledgeWoods E-Mail Marketing Training has been developed to assist participants with in depth understanding of overall Process, Techniques & Tools through Trainer led interactive discussions and Hands-On Practice Labs.

After successful completion, the participants will be able to Create, Execute and Analyze E-Mail Marketing in line with business objectives.

    Key Features

    • Personal Website Domain & Hosting
    • Apply Key Concepts using Case Studies with Individual Google AdWords & Facebook Credits
    • 'Do It Yourself Videos' for installing Major Open Source Software on Website
    • Lifetime Access to KnowledgeWoods Digital Marketing Resource Center comprising of Videos Links, Templates, Checklists, Road Map etc.
    • Preparation for 6 Google AdWords & Google Analytics Certification
    • Monthly Personality Development & Interview Preparation Sessions by Industry Experts
    • 6 Months Query Resolution/Doubts Clearing Facility over Email
    • Post Training Job Assistance Facility



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