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Web Analytics

Businesses across Industry Verticals are relying heavily on Digital Marketing for Creating Awareness about products/services and drive Revenue Numbers.

Web Analytics equips Sales/Marketing Staff with power to Evaluate Digital Marketing Campaigns and help derive Maximum Return on Investment on every dollar spent.

Most of us will agree that time we end up spending on Mobile is significantly higher than what we spend on Desktop or other devices like Tablet.

Leveraging Web Analytics, you can find out in depth information about:

  1. Comparative Performance of Digital Marketing Campaigns across all Channels
  2. Audiences visiting your website: Age, Gender, Location, Devices they use, Typical Activity Flow
  3. Referring Websites & respective Pages that drive traffic to your website
  4. How your website is acquiring Traffic
  5. What is making your Visitors Leave Website
  6. How much Time users are spending on your website and the Top Performing Content on the Website
  7. Site Speed: Amount of Time Website takes to get downloaded and What is its performance score with respect to benchmark
  8. Which Technology your Visitors are using to visit Website: Browser, Operating System, Internet Speed, Resolution etc. that can act as Design Guideline
  9. Which Keywords Audience use to Visit your website

Getting Digital Marketing Campaigns up and running is one thing but Getting Maximum Output within a specified Budget is a different and more challenging aspect all together.

Unqualified/Poorly Trained Web Analytics Professionals may lead to organization’s Loss of Money, Resources and Time.

Formal Training/Certification in Web Analytics equips Sales & Marketing Professionals with Concepts & Tools to derive Better Return on Investment (ROI) on Digital Marketing Initiatives.

Also, Familiarity with Web Analytics Best Practices becomes an important Skill for Mid-Senior Level Digital Marketing Job as it helps them Track, Monitor & Optimize Digital Marketing Campaigns Effectively.

Even at Entry Level (0-2 Year Experience), Web Analytics is one of the most sought after skills where demand exceeds supply of Professionals who can take ownership of Web Analytics Process.

KnowledgeWoods Web Analytics Training has been developed to assist participants with in depth understanding of overall Process, Techniques & Tools through Trainer led interactive discussions and Hands-On Practice Labs.

After successful completion, the participants will be able to contribute effectively in Web Analytics and help derive Better Return on Investment (ROI) for Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Request a Call Back Today and Understand How KnowledgeWoods Web Analytics Training can help you Kick Start your Digital Marketing Career.

    Key Features

    • Personal Website Domain & Hosting
    • Apply Key Concepts using Case Studies with Individual Google AdWords & Facebook Credits
    • 'Do It Yourself Videos' for installing Major Open Source Software on Website
    • Lifetime Access to KnowledgeWoods Digital Marketing Resource Center comprising of Videos Links, Templates, Checklists, Road Map etc.
    • Preparation for 6 Google AdWords & Google Analytics Certification
    • Monthly Personality Development & Interview Preparation Sessions by Industry Experts
    • 6 Months Query Resolution/Doubts Clearing Facility over Email
    • Post Training Job Assistance Facility



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    Seeking details for:

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