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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


The DBA is the most?prestigious terminal qualification in the business world.


In Switzerland some half of international students pursue doctoral research owing to the country’s research ecosystem and long standing history of STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and business research.

Our DBA is approved by Swiss EduQua and progressed through British Level 8 pathway (Ofqual regulated qualification). The learning experience combines the best academic practices of Switzerland, the UK and Spain.

The intense research study programme offers cutting-edge pedagogy supervised by internationally acclaimed professors, virtual learning environment (VLE) integrated to institutional systems at multiple locations, increasing collaboration with industry and social science organisations, multi-campus delivery and cross-country learning experience with close ties with diverse industry.

Under tutelage of a team of research supervisors and tutors the technology mediated learning becomes self-directed, focusing on time management, live project, imbibing cultural and global awareness, developing critical thinking faculty, life skills and problem solving ability.

Course Overview

The objective of this professional doctorate in business administration is to provide participants with the opportunity to make significant contribution to both theory and practice in the field and to develop professional practice at the highest level.


It is a practical and research-based doctoral program in business and industry which is designed for mid- career executives who have already completed the MBA (or equivalent qualification) and are looking to further enhance their practical and theoretical knowledge in the field.

Program Structure

The whole doctorate process should be completed in Two years. There are two parts to the program, the coursework and research undertaking. The coursework is scheduled to be completed in the first and second academic year comprised of study of a specified set of core units and a selection of eligible elective units.


Upon successful completion the learner earns an UK OfQual regulated Level-8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership and then automatically progressed to top-up with Swiss DBA accredited by EduQua. The concluding part of the program subjects the student to be assessed on the basis of field research, coursework, publcations, thesis and final viva voce.

Assessment and Thesis

Each module is assessed through one assignment, which consists of an essay addressing all the Intended Learning Outcomes of the module. Students are requested to write a critical literature review taken from peer-reviewed research publications.


DBA candidates&

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    Certification BenefitsWhat can we do for you for DBA

    • Career guidance assessment
    • Personalized Counselling
    • Building your student profile
    • Assistance in building a quality application
    • Shortlisting universities
    • University placements
    • Scholarship’s guidance
    • Assistance with visa applications
    • Pre-departure Briefings
    • Accommodation Arrangements

    How to Become CertifiedCareer Opportunities

    • Primary areas of employment include:
    • First level Manager
    • Business Consultant
    • Project Manager
    • Corporate Investment Banker
    • Data Scientists
    • Stock Market Analyst
    • Marketing Executive

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