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Oracle® Primavera

Oracle® Primavera Program gives today's Project Staff the one thing they value the most: CONTROL.

Recognized as High end, High performance project software, Oracle® Primavera is the clear choice of project professionals across industry verticals like Engineering, Construction, Architecture, Utilities, Energy, Power, Defense & Telecom, just to name a few.

KnowledgeWoods Oracle® Primavera Program on version P6 Professional have been conceptualized in line with Best Practices in Project Management and provide an interactive, hands-on learning experience to participants.

As a leading professional development company, KnowledgeWoods Consulting aims to make participants understand how to use Oracle® Primavera to become more productive at work and manage projects better.

Experienced Trainers, Module wise Hands-On Exercises, Quality Deliverables, Query Handling Facility over email, and Dedicated Post Training Support are key features that set us apart from our competitors.

Over 100 participants from companies like Steria, HP, Airvana, Tech Mahindra, CSC, SAP Labs, SunGard, RBS, Orange FTG Group, IBM, S1 Corporation, and TCS just to name a few, have chosen KnowledgeWoods to prepare and successfully clear the Oracle® Primavera Examination.

We understand what Oracle® Primavera Training means to you, and as such, provide you multiple training modes like Classroom, LIVE-Learning, and E-Learning to enhance competency in Oracle® Primavera.

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Attend our Oracle® Primavera Training Program and you will be able to:

  • Learn how to leverage Oracle® Primavera to attain optimal project result by staying within budget, schedule, and scope.
  • Learn how to Manage Changes in your Project using Oracle® Primavera as well as how to support Project Forecasting.
  • Learn how to create a Schedule from your own Project, set the Project Baseline as well as perform Resource Loading and Leveling.
  • Learn how to Add, Organize, and Code Activities, update the Project Schedule as well as customize layouts and reports.
  • Explain how to create a Realistic Project Schedule, resolve various project issues using Oracle Primavera®, prepare Information Rich Reports for better forecasting and incorporate changes.
  • Assess your Level of Understanding through varied, Module-end Exercises.
  • Explain the Key Topics through demonstrations for ease of understanding.
  • Explain the Critical Path Method (CPM) Fundamentals and Processes and prepare a Project - Template that would serve as a Benchmark for all future projects.



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    Seeking details for:

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