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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Hons


Our BBA (Hons) is approved by Swiss EduQua and progressed through British Higher National Diploma (Level-4 & 5) Pathway (Ofqual regulated qualifications). The learning experience combines the best academic practices of Switzerland, UK and Spain.

BBA (Hons) is designed to equip you with strategic key skills and capabilities to become a future business leader. This programme will provide a thorough grounding in a range of business subjects including entrepreneurship, management, operations and leadership, the chance to work with real businesses and the opportunity to specialise in areas.

Program Structure

The whole programme will be completed in 3 Years. This includes the basic concept of marketing which will require learners to critically evaluate, challenge, synthesize a wide range of marketing tools, techniques and models. The learner will be enrolled to British Higher National Diploma (Level-4 and 5), which can be topped up at best University Campuses in UK, along with Swiss BBA (Hons). All courses are assessed by written assignments.


There is a project in the final year with a 10,000 words which has detailed essay which includes an action plans and recommendations of how a specific problem will be resolved.

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SWISS Accreditation

In 2013, master’s programs enrollment of Swiss is 2nd highest in the Europe and Doctorate programs were in the 4th highest in the Europe. Switzerland has a high rate of PhD students and inhabitants with doctoral degrees. In 2014, Switzerland had the highest rate of inhabitants with doctoral degrees in the world.

Swiss quality label (EDUQUA), is the Swiss national quality assurance body recognised and supported by the Swiss Confederate Government. EDUQUA is the premier quality assurance body accreditation scheme for continuing education. All our Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs are accredited by EDUQUA and awarded by SSBR which is globally recognized under the remit of Bologna Convention. Many international students attend Swiss universities for advanced degrees. Switzerland is well known for its advanced business education system. Swiss accredited programs are one of the most prestigious academic programmes in the world.

British Accreditation

The OfQual qualifications are designed to give learners the skills and knowledge to do a particular business, job, and work in a particular industry, or acquire more specialized skills to do a variety of jobs

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OfQual) is a non-ministerial government department that regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England. Ofqual collaborates closely with the UK government and the Department for Education on general qualifications and with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills on vocational qualifications. Ofqual is the authority which regulates and accredits British examination boards and vocational awarding organizations. As a Non-ministerial department Ofqual is accountable to Parliament, through the Education Select Committee. All our British pathway qualifications are approved and recognised by Ofqual and awarded by Qualifi and is accepted and valued internationally.

Spanish Accreditation

During the tenure of the BBA programme our students can avail the opportunity to earn Professional certification vetted by Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (Minsterio De Education Cultura Y Deporte – MECD), Spain. The objective is to provide learners with the training required by the industry system, and to adapt Vocational Training provision to the real needs of the business environment, so as to guarantee employability of the persons enrolled in this type of programmes.

The new structure of Vocational Training within the Spain Education System has been designed so that training programmes and qualifications respond to the needs of the knowledge society, based on competitiveness, employability, mobility of employees and promotion of social insertion and cohesion, adapting these programmes to the specific interests and needs of each person. During the tenure our students can avail the opportunity to earn Professional Research certification vetted by Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (Minsterio De Education Cultura Y Deporte – MECD), Spain. We assure high quality of education, including through innovative pedagogical models to develop forward-looking skills and competences, making best use of digital technologies, blended learning and work-based learning.

Indian Accreditation

The candidate can submit the same coursework submitted with Swiss and the UK awarding organization and may further require to go through additional coursework and completing other statutory requirements to be awarded BBA by Indian universities. Currently India is aiming to quadruple the number to some 200,000 international students by 2023 and an increasing number of students from across geographies are taking interest in Indian qualifications pertaining to business studies and related disciplines.

A parallel double degree can be pursued with Indian universities approved by University Grants Commission (UGC), the statutory organization set up by the Union of Government in 1956, approved university to pursue a double degree within the legit framework. Above Degree awarded by the University (specified by UGC under Section 22 of the UGC Act, 1956) is globally recognized, and can be submitted for a degree equivalence anywhere in the world with the concerned Statutory Professional Council(s), wherever applicable.



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    Seeking details for:

    My team/Organization

    What can we do for you for BBA

    • Career guidance assessment
    • Personalized Counselling
    • Building your student profile
    • Assistance in building a quality application
    • Shortlisting universities
    • University placements
    • Scholarship’s guidance
    • Assistance with visa applications
    • Pre-departure Briefings
    • Accommodation Arrangements

    Career Opportunities

    • Primary areas of employment include:
    • First level Manager
    • Business Consultant
    • Project Manager
    • Corporate Investment Banker
    • Data Scientists
    • Stock Market Analyst
    • Marketing Executive